Getting Started

Combat Header

The Combat module builds on the Game Creator Shooter module to add enhanced, game-ready, combat features:

  • Proximity-based weapon targeting.
  • Target indicator.
  • Homing projectile.
  • Targeting by visibility.
  • Support for destructible targets.
  • Weapon Stashes (weapon carrying/switching feature).
  • Melee targeting integration (requires Melee module).


Combat is an extension for Game Creator and the Shooter module. BOTH are required - Combat will not work without them.

They can be purchased from the Unity Asset Store:

The Melee module is an optional dependency. Get it here:

What’s Included#

  • Full source code.
  • An examples module that contains scenes that demonstrate the features listed above.

Module Installation#

After purchasing and downloading the Combat module, it must be enabled with the Game Creator Module Manager.

Step 1: Open the Module Manager#

Open the Module Manager

Step 2: Enable the Combat Module#

Enable the Combat module

Step 3 (optional): Install the Combat Examples Module#

Install the Combat Examples module

Melee Module Integration#

New in 0.5.0

The Combat module provides a lightweight integration to allow seamless Shooter/Melee targeting and weapon switching if the Melee module is present.

To enable the integration, simply enable the Melee Combat module included with the Combat module.

Note that there is also a Melee Combat Examples module that demonstrates Shooter/Melee targeting and weapon switching.